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Jack Rhodes Live Show Tickets
The Sleight of Hand Paradox

The Sleight of Hand Paradox

Sleight of hand magic is one of the oldest performing arts in the world. It’s used for magic tricks, it’s used to show skill and it’s also used to cheat and steal. By looking at the origins of sleight of hand, and tracing the evolution of some of these clever moves, you soon start to see there’s a bit of a problem here. Welcome to the ‘Sleight of Hand Paradox’. Get access to 24 books from the greatest magicians of all time ($2879 value) for free with my affiliate link: My never-before-seen lecture notes are now available as a digital release: Support the channel and join my Patreon for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes clips. Business enquiries: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Channels Shown (give these guys a follow!): Sonia Benito: @soniabenito3142 Fay Presto: @faypresto6968 Bushi Dojak: @BushiDokaj Richard Turner: @RichardTurner52 Alex Pandrea: @AlexPandrea Ben Seidman: @TheComedyAndMagic Bob Arno: @BobArnoOfficial Penn & Teller: @pennteller423 Lee Thompson: @pickpocketforhire Apollo Robbins: @Apollorobbins #magic #sleightofhand #magician #magictricks #funny #comedy #sketch #magictrick #crazy #trick #skill #respect #satisfying #jackrhodes #itsakindofmajack #documentary #paradox 00:00 Intro 00:56 Oldest Trick in the Book 02:19 Cups & Balls 03:29 Invention of Playing Cards 04:42 The French Drop 05:28 Robert Houdin 06:34 Card Cheats 08:44 Cheating Meets Magic 10:08 Pickpockets 10:49 The Vaudeville Era 11:43 The Paradox 13:41 Evolution of Moves 14:12 Magic on Video 15:25 Women in Magic 16:10 The Sponsor





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Jack Rhodes is the northern working class every-man and not exactly your typical ‘magician’. 
With a background in close-up magic and stand up comedy, Jack has been creating ‘comedy, magic and nonsense’ videos on YouTube since 2020. 
Since then he has amassed over 125 million views across social media and has firmly established his presence as a magician who doesn’t take himself too seriously.
Combining self-deprecation and trickery with an off-beat northern approach, Jack’s unique delivery of comedy and world-class sleight of hand dexterity ensures even non-magic fans will enjoy the show.
His distinct performance style crossed with a unique mix of jokes and skill will appeal to all walks of life and is a sure-fire hit for any event.
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